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About Us

After more than two decades in business, Adams Globalization has a proven track record of providing solutions marked by linguistic and technical excellence, the finest technology tools and an unwavering dedication to personal service.

Company history

Adams Translation Services was founded in 1982 in Austin, Texas. Our very first project involved localizing seven games into Spanish for Atari, Inc., and right from those beginnings, we've been actively engaged with cutting-edge technology. In 1986, Adams became one of the first U.S.-based agencies to purchase and implement Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) systems. Rapid adoption of this technology enabled Adams to re-use previously translated material - improving consistency and reducing costs for our customers well ahead of the competition.

As Adams grew and evolved, the nature of our offerings expanded as well, so that now we can offer customized, turnkey globalization solutions - including services such as internationalization, software localization testing, and website localization. With this in mind, the company name was changed to Adams Globalization in 2002. That same year, we enhanced our capabilities with the launch of Adams' state-of-the-art software-testing lab, and the Adams development team released the first version of our LT Manager© for multilingual defect tracking and test management. In 2003, we continued driving cost-efficiency for our customers through enhanced solutions and refined procedures such as multilingual content management.

People and culture

Walking through the doors at Adams Globalization is akin to entering the most fascinating marketplace on the planet. Adams employees come from all over the world - as well as from multiple industry backgrounds - creating a vibrant kaleidoscope of languages, ideas, perspectives and impressive expertise.

We have assembled a world-class team of smart, friendly people who understand technology and the industries we serve. In fact, most Adams employees are multidisciplinary as well as multilingual. Over the years, we've also developed an extensive relationship network with hundreds of highly experienced linguists and translators around the world.

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