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Adams is proud of our diverse leadership and their dedication to our customers. Click on the names below to discover more about their experience, expertise and insight.

Bernd Cafulli, President

Bernd Cafulli, President
Bernd Cafulli, Vice PresidentBernd (a.k.a. Bernie) officially joined the Adams team as a German Linguist in 1999, after consulting with Adams from Germany for two years. He soon became manager of the Linguistics Department, where he developed and implemented our Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) quality procedures. In 2000, Bernie was promoted to Director of Operations, and moved on to plan and implement software language testing solutions. And in 2001, we were proud to name Bernie Vice President of Adams Globalization.

Bernie focuses on the development of advanced software globalization, single sourcing, and content-management strategies. His ongoing mission is to seek continuous process improvements to boost cost-efficiency, while maintaining the highest quality services for our clients.

By adding Cultural Content Validation and Content Management Migration Services, as well as Internationalization Consulting and Training to Adams' service palette in 2005 and 2006, Bernie continues
enhancing Adams' customer service to an expanding client base.

Prior to joining Adams, Bernie managed the development of one of the first software components to interface PC with UNIX networks. He has an extensive background in technical training, procurement and linguistics, along with English, German and French translation. Bernie holds the equivalent of a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis on Computer Information Systems. He is a Certified Transit CAT Administrator, as well as a certified EDP Specialist for Commercial Operations.

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