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Documentation Localization & International Desktop Publishing

Your customers expect clear, concise and useful communications from you, regardless of language.

Adams' team of tested culturally appropriate translators and international desktop publishing experts can work with you to create compelling print or online materials from the ground up - including product documentation, user guides, marketing materials or online application help information. Or we can assist you in adapting any existing materials or graphics to make sure they maintain their impact, integrity and appropriateness worldwide. We'll even bring in specialists with the appropriate subject-matter and industry-specific knowledge, to ensure the utmost in clarity, accuracy and usability.

Document Localization

To adapt any existing documents, Adams' professional linguists use sophisticated computer-aided translation software to maintain consistency and accelerate the entire process. This state-of-the-art technology tool assists us in making concurrent multilingual translations, which can help you prepare quickly for product release in numerous international markets simultaneously.

We also use specialized glossaries to help manage unique product-related terminology. And before we sign off on any document, it goes through our customizable quality-assurance process to safeguard the highest quality and integrity.

International Desktop Publishing

Adams uses the latest tools and technology to provide full-service international desktop publishing (IDTP) solutions for any overseas market. Online and in print, our design and production specialists blend their own skills and knowledge with Adams' 20+ years of international cultural expertise.

Upon completion, our team will deliver the finished files in the appropriate formats, ready to go straight to your printer or coders. We can even provide you with multiple configurations from a single translated source, eliminating the need to design or translate the same information more than once.