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Software Localization & Testing

Adams can help you develop your software products strategically and make sure your general availability (GA) release is flawless, worldwide. Rather than creating an extra, time-consuming step for your development team, we can synchronize our efforts with yours to help speed your time-to-market and lower costs. Working with Adams' engineers and internationalization specialists, you can build your product with the proper cultural sensitivity to achieve end-user acceptance in any market, and ensure your customers have a seamless, locale-specific experience.

Software Internationalization (I18n)

Internationalization is a recommended part of any software localization effort. Our team can help you develop a single internationalized code base, which adds significant value to your source code. We can also help you ensure compliance with established I18n and Unicode standards.

Software Localization (L10n)

Adams can help you increase acceptance of your product in any local marketplace by ensuring your software appears to have been developed specifically for the target region. Our comprehensive services include expert language translation and cultural adaptation of all software text strings and user-interface elements.

Software testing

Through our world-class testing lab, Adams provides functional, cultural and regional platform testing by native speakers. Our superior testing services are designed to help you realize higher product acceptance rates and lower support costs, with error rates that are significantly below industry standards.

Adams also offers web-based test management, defect tracking and reporting with our LT Manager© 2.0 .NET.